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Crooked Willow Farms

Larkspur, Colorado

Choosing this beautiful venue for your party will give you reason to celebrate even before your celebration, as there are so many exceptional options to host your event on property.  Located in the exclusive Plum Creek Valley, just 25 minutes south of Denver, Crooked Willow Farms provides one of the most diverse and unique venues in the region.  Ninety acres of land, offering multiple hand-crafted event spaces that are rich in history, amenities and breathtaking views.  At Crooked Willow Farms you will discover indoor and outdoor spaces built to accommodate weddings, dinners, fundraising galas, social celebrations and intimate ceremonies.

We recently sat down with Crooked Willow Farm’s General Manager, Matt Davis, to find out a little bit more about the Colorado experience that is Crooked Willow Farms.

What would suprise someone who has never visited Crooked Willow Farms about the property?  “I find guests are often suprised by the size of the property because events hosted here can feel so intimate.  Though if given a moment to explore Crooked Willow Farms, a guest might find our biggest suprise of them all, and 850lb pig named Lola.  (And no, we do not keep her in Lola’s Loft!)  She is a really sweet pig who just loves wedding season because it means she gets lots of extras at feeding time.  You may see her pouting this year though, as her nutritionist has put her on a greens only diet to keep her weight down.  We also have Stella, who is a little less celebrated as she is the bad pig always getting into everything, digging up flowers and generally causing trouble but still we love her all the same.”

What’s your favorite time of day on the property?  “Evenings at sunset are the most popular but the mornings are a hidden secret with the dew on the lawns and crisp Colorado air…it is really a slice of heaven!”

Is there a special area of the property you feel is underutilized and what have you dreamed could happen there?  “Yes, we feel that Sunday Brunch weddings are a missed opportunity!  People can really enjoy all that Crooked Willow Farms offers; the weather is almost guaranteed to be great on a Sunday morning in the summer.  In fact, Crooked Willow Farms will guarantee it won’t rain during your ceremony or your venue rental is free!  (Applicable for new Sunday Brunch 2012 bookings – call the venue for more details).  Also, brunch menus can be so creative both in respect of menu and prices!  We have a park next to the pond with a fountain and sandstone tables that would be a great spot to host an event like this.”

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What’s been Crooked Willow Farm’s favorite event hosted by Epicurean Catering to date?  “Epicurean Catering has raised the bar on how to incorporate the venue, surroundings and ‘Colorado’ into the buffet, station displays and passed service.  We hosted a fall wedding celebration that I can say is my personal favorite event since the venue opened!  Such a fun-filled weekend!  The bride and groom’s family camped on property.  Their guests fished in the ponds and caught rainbow trout which Epicurean Catering prepared masterfully during a celebratory Fish Fry on Sunday.  It was legendary!  Wow, I can still taste it!”

What is the greatest compliment Crooked Willow Farms can be paid?  “Referrals!  For a bride to say ‘my dream was delivered’!”

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For additional information, please contact Matt Davis at 303.951.8888 or email at

“It’s so easy to make an event look fabulous at Crooked Willow Farms because of the beautiful scenery and all of the details put into the event space itself.  They have a great team and we really enjoy our partnership with them.”  Epicurean Catering Event Designer, Sara Johnson