It’s A Maneater!


So, I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. The good news: more men are grocery shopping. The bad news: more men are grocery shopping.

In a survey conducted by Midan Marketing LLC, a research group focused primarily on the meat industry, 47 percent of the 900 men studied were deemed – brace yourself – manfluencers.

I know, it’s pretty bad. I’ve called men by many, many, many a name, but manfluencer was never even under consideration. I do have several other names should you be at a loss. I even keep a list of my top 100 in the drawer with all the sharp knives.

How does this new manfluencer person impact the aisles at your favorite grocery store? For starters, marketing experts are reworking packaging to appeal to the male contingency. Yogurt containers are bolder, darker and highlight the amount of protein. Gone are girly phrases like “low-fat” and cartons with pastels dancing around the bottom. Yogurt is getting tough.

Now words like “pro” and “ultimate” are making their way on to store shelves. Kraft recently realized that their Velveeta Shells and Cheese, once marketed to busy mothers, was actually being gobbled up by twenty-something-aged males who are married but have not yet experienced the joys of fatherhood. These are the guys who have never attempted to cook for a family of six while someone is hanging on their leg and another is crying about the fact that Barbie is swimming in the toilet.

I admit that I do have a husband that often does a short grocery run. This mostly happens when he is craving a steak or is desperate to escape the insanity of a house full of short people. My children LOVE when their father shops because he comes home with “treats” like Oreo cookies, these creepy fruit snacks that are forbidden in my house and once – and only once – a box of Lucky Charms.  He has never come home with yogurt. Not even once.

So, how does this information help all you women out there? Well, if you have a husband that doesn’t shop, this might spur him on. But if you do have a husband who shops, be prepared and consider keeping a running grocery list somewhere visible. Apparently men find it much more fun to pay hard-earned money for “cold-brewed” coffee than to drink it out of the pot from this morning, where you left it after trying to save Barbie’s life.


Shopping Survival – Don’t Let Black Friday Make You Blue


Braving the Black Friday rush requires a plan that includes patience, sustenance, and the guarantee of cocktails at the end of your shopping spree – even if you do wrap up your whirlwind at 11AM. Keeping your energy high and your frustration low depends, in large part, on fueling your bargain-hunting bod. A few ideas:

Coffee: Obviously a necessity in this scenario. Keep a thermos in your car to avoid the hassle of carrying a cup through crowded aisles. Plus, the promise of hot java waiting will keep you focused on getting in, getting it done, and getting out.

Water: Think of Black Friday as a marathon. Stay focused, keep a steady pace, don’t trip anyone and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Fruit: Bananas, apples, and grapes are the least messy fruit choices.  Leave the pineapple and pomegranate for the experts.

Nuts: No, not the nuts that stand in line as soon as the table has been cleared – I am talking real nuts. Skip the processed carbs and go for almonds which will keep your blood sugar and your sanity in place. Add some raisins or dried cranberries to satisfy your sweet tooth. And speaking of teeth, keep smiling.