Tongue and Chic



I remember, not-so-fondly, a lunch I shared with our president, Greg Karl. Sitting at a tiny German deli near Epicurean Headquarters, I was more than happy with my choice of a nice, respectable egg salad sandwich on wheat toast. Greg, bold catering pro that he is, opted for the beef tongue. I felt my stomach drop a smidge when he ordered, but really turned a whiter shade of pale when he held up that scary sammy and said with a smirk, “Try a bite.”

Now I am no chicken when it comes to trying new dishes, but I declined. And then I declined again. And then I said something like, “If you shove that sandwich in my face one more time I will quit.”

There’s lots of talk these days about where and how product is raised, which is great; but when you are perusing the meat counter at your local grocery store, the names of the cuts can still throw many of us. Yes, we are all familiar with the term sirloin but ever wonder where, exactly, that is found on the animal?  Below is what we call our Cheat Meat Chart. Use this when you are (rib)eying your choices for a special dinner, and you’ll not only know what you’re doing, but you’ll know what you’re eating.


(beef chart)

Cheers –
Stephanie Blackford
Communications Director, Epicurean Culinary Group