What’s Your Number?

After scrolling through the Huffington Post‘s article, 25 Foods You Have To Eat Before You Die, we asked our chefs to start counting. They averaged 18 from the list. (The marketing department averaged 8, which means we don’t get enough samples – hint hint).

Epicurean steak tartare in gougeres

Here’s what our chefs had to say:

  • Home made ricotta is great for dinner parties – the perfect sweet or savory cheese – and very easy to make!
  • Did you know, in Italy, ketchup is not automatically served with fries, but mayo is!
  • When Chef Jenna was being courted by her now husband, he would send a batch of Lardo instead of flowers, with sweet notes attached of course. (aww…?)
  • Chef Nikki orders steak tartare anytime it’s on the menu, her favorite is from ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro – served with hot Asian mustard and tapioca pearl ‘crackers’. Look for our version on the menu this spring!
  • This year in the suites at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, a delicious pimento cheese dip was on the menu for the Jacksonville game.
  • Also on the menu is a mini grilled cheese with brie and served with a tomato soup shooter. And you must check out the lobster roll on our food truck menu!

How do you measure up? Post your number below!

25 Foods You Have To Eat Before You Die


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