Clean Up Your Act with Advice from Kris Carr

kris carr 2

Kris Carr, best known as the Crazy Sexy Cancer girl, has authored five books, including a few best-sellers, and produced one award-winning film about her journey from a stage four diagnosis of a rare and incurable cancer to a life dedicated to health and wellness.  This lady knows her stuff. And she’s kind and generous and smart and beautiful. And she’s met Oprah. I bet she even flosses more than twice a week. She is on a mission to make the world a healthier place and she’s got the energy and platform to make it happen.

Still, we can’t all dedicate our lives to raising chickens, juicing, mediating and making our own laundry soap. But even one small change can have a tremendous effect. This week, Carr uses her blog  as a cheat sheet on ways to clean up your life. I’ll just tell you now, you can’t or won’t do everything on the list. I, for one, don’t have the time or money or manpower to replace all of my mattresses (Ever try to move a mattress up a flight of stairs? Brutal.) But a water filter? Totally in the budget! And yes, I do buy organic fruits and vegetables and yes, they do cost a bit (or a bunch) more, but it’s cheaper than paying for long-term health issues. And I am guessing much more pleasant. Not as pleasant as warm laundry that smells like Downey …. oh how I miss you Downey … but pleasant all the same.

Pick one or two to try out, and then visit us on Facebook and let us know how you cleaned up.


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