Beanie Babies: Brownies To Die For…But Healthy Enough Not to Kill You.


By now you probably know that I have never been able to pull off a pan of brownies. I’ve been able to polish off a pan of brownies, but that is way different and, sadly, much more common. Also, my love of sweets is one of the reasons I steer clear of my Epicurean desk that is located RIGHT NEXT TO THE KITCHEN. Who’s idea was that? The brownies created by our chefs are basically against the law. Yes, they are that good. And yes, I have proof.

In my quest to feed myself and my crew healthy, hearty, gluten-free fare, I attempted a new recipe. My son James, eying the baking accoutrements on the kitchen counter, said: “If the brownies don’t turn out, we have ice cream in the freezer.” And I remember the days when he thought I could do no wrong. Anyway.

Not only did these brownies look good, smell good, and taste good, but they are good for you. And me. And anyone else who happens by. Why? Because they are made from scratch and include a can of organic black beans.  YES! Don’t worry – they don’t taste at all like black beans. They taste like going back to your high school reunion and running into the homecoming queen who is 40 pounds overweight and married to a man with no visible neck. So forget all that creepy packaged paraphernalia. Say goodbye to all that GMO junk and tell the high fructose corn syrup to hit the road. These Beanie Babies promise to be even more popular than – well – Beanie Babies. Enjoy.


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