Go ahead, play with your food.


Let’s face it, unless you’re lucky enough to be dining at a local hotspot or have found yourself seated at an event managed by your favorite caterer, meals can become a bit boring. There is only so much you can do with chicken and veggies before everyone at the table realizes that they are, in fact, eating chicken and veggies. Again.

I happened upon some great lunch bags and loved them so much that I bought two boxes and then began hoarding them. Did store-brand pretzels deserve the fun lunch bags? Nope. Did the remaining half of an organic lemon? YES!

After hiding my stash, I turned to Google to find out more about the company. Archie McPhee, how I love thee! Chicken suckers, pickle magnets, finger sporks, veggie candy, llama salt and pepper shakers, a titanic gravy boat, a sweet tooth sugar bowl, and the creepy turkey mask are just a few items that are sure to make mealtime not only fun, but actually funny. Plus, how bad do you want to answer the door on Thanksgiving wearing this?


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