Hey Cookie – What’s Your Number?

cookie placecards

You should know by now that cookies are my favorite food. No, not my favorite dessert. My favorite FOOD. So when I saw this brilliant idea about using cookies as place cards, I had to share. Share the idea, that is, because I would never share a cookie. It’s a sin. Yes it is. It’s in the Bible sandwiched between the loaves and fishes and the Last Supper. Swear.

If you score an invite to a wedding where the bride and groom are stylish enough to employ this delicious idea, I suggest finding your cookie and eating it right away. Then, as the night goes on and the wine keeps flowing, use your Academy-Award-worthy acting skills to score yourself a few more cookies.

Try something like: Oh, what do you have there, Frank? Oh, your cookie? Well, how absolutely darling. Mmm – looks divine. I dropped mine in the conga line.  I know- such bad luck! Hey, Frank – I heard you were pre-diabetic. Want me to be a doll and take that little sliver of Satan off your hands?

Continue moving about the room during the course of the evening, hovering inconspicuously around the wedding cake. If you are a smart cookie, you could score yourself a pretty decent sugar high and some very sweet dreams.

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