Bless You! Parker Presley’s Guide to Stopping the Sniffles Appropriately


It’s allergy season which means sniffers everywhere are causing problems that can’t necessarily be fixed by an over-the-counter concoction.

I’ve noticed that the humans in my world struggle when it comes to the sneezy snout. I, of course, always carry a handkerchief with me, something my wonderful late father taught me purely by example. I realize that handkerchiefs are considered passé, but if you have been on the fence about this simple staple, I highly recommend a high-quality, monogrammed number. They are not only handy, but quite dashing.

Either way, when sitting at the dining table, it is polite to excuse yourself when mastering one’s muzzle. Here are the basics from PP:

  • Carry tissues or a handkerchief with you at all times
  • Excuse yourself to the restroom, attend to your nose, and wash your paws before returning
  • Napkins are for wiping mouths only
  • If a sneeze has caught you off guard and you do have a handkerchief or tissue, place the used item in your pocket or purse, not on the table
  • If a sneeze has caught you off guard and you do not have a handkerchief or tissue, sneeze into the crook of you elbow (to ensure germs are not shared) and excuse yourself to the restroom for washing up
  • If you were kind enough to lend your handkerchief to a fellow friend, do not ask for it back
  • If a friend was kind enough to lend you a handkerchief, launder it and return it
  • If the friend insists you keep the handkerchief and he – er – turns up his nose at the idea of taking it back, keep the handkerchief and thank him again

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