Who Do You Know? | Meet Tara Reeb

Tara_2 Fun with Tara

Do you have that one go-to person in your office? Dear God, I hope so.  In case you are wondering, it is that person you run to when your full-color proposal gets jammed in the printer six minutes before clients walk in the door. It is the person you stealthily email when your cubicle mate is chewing gum SUPER loud.  It is the person who will drink wine with you after a long day, who will calm your nerves before a big presentation, who will pull the proverbial rabbit out of a hat when necessary.  Meet Tara Reeb. She has been called “the glue that keeps Epicurean going,” but she’s way more than that. With a quick wit, a (borderline obsessive) love of both country music and her dog, and a die-hard goal to figure out how to take over the social media world, Tara is a diamond without the rough..

What’s your favorite meal after a long event?

Red wine.

Favorite app?

Starbucks (so I don’t need to get my wallet out), Spotify, Pinterest, Instagram/PicStitch and ESPN FFL.

What fashion designer do you find you wear the most or what fashion design do you like?

I usually have one or more Vera Bradley bags or accessories with me at all times.

What we will always find in your fridge?


Do you entertain at home and – if so – what’s your go-to menu?

Something I’ve never made before. Which usually turns into something burnt, tasteless or not edible.

What kitchen gadget do you love?

Silicon spatulas!

What is your favorite meal from childhood?

Breakfast for dinner on Sundays.

Name your favorite beverage?

Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat or Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha…and all the calories that go with the two. Free.

Do you have an Epicurean food favorite?

I love our mac and cheese.

Favorite recipe from our 30 year cookbook.


Do you have a favorite Tara Reeb recipe?

My avocado, corn and black bean salsa.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far this year?

Gaining interaction (follows and comments) on our social media posts.

What is the one thing you’d like to accomplish in life – big or small?

Pay off my student loan.

What can’t you live without?

Country music.

Do you have a favorite comfort food?

Anything Mexican!

What is your favorite holiday food tradition?

Crab legs for Christmas dinner.

If you got to visit the kitchen of a famous person, who would you choose?

Dierks Bentley. Whether he had food or not, there would for sure be beer – and I want nothing more than to have a beer with him.

Favorite wedding or event blog?

Parker Presley by Epicurean (Stephanie Blackford is the funniest!) or Alexan Events Blog.

Local celebrity you want to meet.

The newest arrival: Wes Welker!

List one thing on your bucket list.

Go to the honky tonks in Nashville!

Favorite someecard.

Success is doing what you love and making it a career but I don’t know who will pay me to drink wine while looking at Pinterest.” I love my job.

What is your motto?

“All you need is love…and a dog.”


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