How To Fake the Cake – 10 Sweet Wedding Desserts

Dessert options

I recently had a bride casually ask me for an alternative to the traditional wedding cake. As if the question was mere chit chat.  I was horrified! I love wedding cake. And by love, I mean…well, LOVE. Half the time it is the only reason I attend a wedding. Yeah – I said it. The first wedding I attended with my now husband was almost our swan song. When the servers were coming by with a gorgeous tray of decadent wedding cake, he said (brace yourself) “No, thank you.” I almost choked on my champagne. He could have told me he snacks on Golden Retriever puppies and plays the harp with his eyelashes and I would have been less alarmed.

But, I’ve been in this business a long, long time and I know that many of you brides do not love cake in the way I think one should love cake. In fact, before the “bride cake” became popular in the late 19th century, traditional wedding celebrations included a pie. So, yes, as much as I hate to admit this, there are other options. This is hard for me, but I have a job to do so here goes:


It is actually a documented fact that every single person in the world loves donuts. Our food truck has been the guest of honor at many local weddings, and the hot Sicilian donuts are almost better than watching your ex-boyfriend slip on a wayward shrimp and be carried off the dance floor.

The Candy Bar

Showcase some favorite sweets (we like M&Ms, jelly beans, nuts, and white chocolate chips) in clear containers. Let guests help themselves by providing scoops and small white paper bags.

Mini-Milkshakes and Floats

Passing a tray of these mini masterpieces never fails to impress. Consider the traditional concoctions such as Root Beer floats and strawberry shakes, and add a fun garnish or a specialty liqueur.

Frozen Yogurt

I still can’t understand why frozen yogurt ever had to go away. It’s like the 90s disappeared and took away all the frozen yogurt in the world!? Good news – it’s back – and it’s cool again. We’ve partnered with a few select yogurt companies for various events. They bring the yogurt, guests add the toppings, and everyone is happy. For real – everyone.

Iced Cookies

Personalize this dessert by adding your new monogram to these delicious delights; any bakery worth their weight in buttercream icing should be able to pull this off.

Petite Pies

We served Petite Pies at Crooked Willow Farms last year. At least I think we did. They were gone so fast I didn’t even get to try one. Our guests were all pie in the sky over these cute little concoctions.


Chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers? That’s love, people. That is pure, sweet love. This station is always a fave.

Sundae Station

We recommend using the old-school glass ice cream dishes and then adding some innovative items to keep it fresh. Start with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream. And obviously include candied sprinkles, bananas, and cherries. But consider chocolate covered coffee beans, macadamia nuts, maple syrup, and dried fruit. Want to really make a statement? Add bacon to the ice cream buffet. The salty, hot bacon combined with the sweet of the ice cream will make guests – um – squeal.


The DiPasquale family has cannolis at almost every celebration. And for good reason. These little hand-held honeys never fail to please. We recommend three different flavors, but keep the size small so guests can sample the trio. Twice.

The Cupcake

Okay, okay, technically this is a form of cake but let’s not get picky here. Cupcakes have been enjoying the limelight for quite some time, and we don’t see the trend slowing down anytime soon. Flavors range from the standard, such as red velvet, Dutch chocolate, and lemon, to the more modern, including jasmine, pistachio, chai, and lavender. But at the end of the day, it’s still a piece of cake with frosting on top and that is a marriage that will last.

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