Parker Presley On Anonymity – Part Deux


Oh my, it’s happened again! Take a peek at the note I found on my windshield. PP just does not have the best of luck when it comes to parking spaces. One would think that my first name would give me some sort of advantage in maneuvering the lot, but alas, no.

Dear readers, you know I have struggled with this issue in the past, so lately I have been even more precise with my parking lot endeavors. But recently I found myself in a parking lot attached to a coffee shop, and patrons are allowed to park in designated spots for up to one hour. Well, lovely! So after carefully pulling into my spot as to not cause a ruckus, I scurried in for an organic doggie treat and some overpriced water. Imagine my surprise when I returned and found such an ugly note. In fact, a high-pitched pooch whine nearly escaped before I gathered my wits about me.

Apparently, only SOME of the spots are designated for coffee-goers. The OTHER spots are reserved for the humans that work in the building. Unknowingly, I parked in a reserved spot. Such an unintended mistake!

I (again) learned something from this escapade. One: read the signs. Two: even if you are not face-to-muzzle with another being, it is still so important to be polite. Anonymity does not allow for poor manners. So, darlings, if you are ever in a situation that is less than pleasant, either have a private discussion with the appropriate party if he or she is available or, if a note is the only option, use a bit of discretion. And when you are tempted to say, or write, something nasty, park it.


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