View from the Venue | Spruce Mountain Ranch

Spruce Mountain Ranch     SMR 2

View from the Venue

Spruce Mountain Ranch

Larkspur, CO

We recently chatted with Brus Osborne, SMR’s Director of Business Development, to get an inside peek at what once was a well-kept secret sliver of heaven and is now one of the most sought after event spots in all of Colorado. If you haven’t been to Spruce Mountain Ranch, we are sad for you. Because words and photos cannot even begin to do this gorgeous place any sort of justice.

What’s your favorite time of day on the property?

Dusk. Hands down.  It’s beautiful to see the sun going down and reflecting on the limestone of Spruce Mountain.

There is really a Spruce MOUNTAIN?

Yes! The ranch is nestled at the base of the actual Spruce Mountain.  It’s real!

What’s your favorite SMR/Epicurean event so far?

The EKSH holiday party was remarkable. Epicurean always manages to add the special something at an event and this time they custom-branded each steak with the EKSH logo. It was a perfect touch. And we had a cattleman with a calf at the party talking with all the guests. The guests LOVED that. Everyone had a chance to be wined and dined,  but they were also given a taste of what happens on a working ranch and how the animals are cared for and how the ranch really runs.

Tell us something we don’t know about SMR.

We are building a new space on the property that will be christened “Grace’s Chapel” once its finished. I can’t give you all the details yet as it will be unveiled in May, but needless to say, its stunning and charming all at the same time.

How many animals live on the property?

A variety of wildlife at all times – fox, deer, coyotes and so much more. But the ranch has 160 head of cattle at any given time.

No other animals?

One horse.

Just one horse? What’s his name?


So the one horse is named for the number two?

He’s a big personality – he deserves a good name.

What makes SMR special?

It would be impossible to pick one thing. But the stocked fish ponds are amazing. Guests come and fish and camp on the property and it makes their experience different and better and more memorable than anything they could have dreamed. And spring is just phenomenal; the baby calves being born on the ranch is lovely to see. Plus, because Spruce Mountain Ranch is a true working ranch, caterers are able to buy the beef that came from SMR (SMR only breeds, but follows the genetic lineage of its animals to the end, allowing for future buy-back opportunity).

What would you say to someone who has never been to the ranch?

I’m sorry for you, because you are missing out on something beautiful!

Really, I would say that SMR embodies ‘rustic elegance’ – everyone uses that term, but we really live it. Being here is what Colorado is all about: beautiful views, amazing animals, unbelievable dining experiences and lasting memories. It sounds cliché, but there is really something magical that happens here. And we can handle all the details. We have recently struck up a partnership with SEMA and they handle all the transportation needs for us. Spruce Mountain embraces what special events should be – a time to celebrate without one bit of worry; a day that is just for you and your guests. That doesn’t happen that often in life, you know? We make it happen and we love doing it. And it shows.   

For more information on Spruce Mountain Ranch, contact Brus Osborne at


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