Do You Take Cream and Sugar?

cream and sugar post 2

Yours truly was raised in an era where sugar cubes and crystal pitchers of cream were the norm; a place where a cup and saucer went together like – well – a cup and saucer. But I am a forward-thinking canine and I, too, am faced with those little sugar packets and individual creamers that can be found at every restaurant, coffee house, airport and local prison. What’s a dog to do? A few hints:

  • If coffee or tea is served in a cup with a saucer, leave any discards on the saucer (this includes sweetener packets, stir sticks, spoons, creamer containers, lemons and old love interests).
  • If no small saucer is available, place the items on a paper napkin. Your coffee, tea or iced tea spoon should also be placed either on a saucer/plate or on a paper napkin. As always, used utensils should never, ever be placed back on the tablecloth.
  • Don’t put opened sugar or sweetener packets back into the sugar caddy, or empty creamers back in the bowl. And please don’t stack the creamer containers, they are not blocks or towels or cheerleaders, after all.
  • Packets of cream and sugar are accompaniments, not the main course! Practice a smidge of self control and limit yourself to two packets of each.

Remember, darlings, life is sweet and manners are simple. Happy sipping.

Yours Truly,

Dude Looks Like A Lady

Parker Presley

Dude Looks Like A Lady

Parker Presley is known in certain social circles as the preeminent expert in etiquette and invites you to contact him with even the most embarrassing question or tricky situation so that you, too, may be top dog in any setting. Please contact him at


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