Inkka’s Sweet Thirteen

inkka1 inkka2 

My dear friend Inkka recently entered her teen years and invited a few select pooches to partake in the celebration. Her party planner, the infamous Rachel B., took the momentous occasion seriously and left neither stone nor biscuit unturned. Dog bowls overflowed with eats for the human contingency and goody bags full of toys and treats were on hand for the canines. Inkka was allowed her very own custom created cake, made with organic grains and carob (a delicacy for those of you of a different breed), and the two-legged friends were delighted with miniature cupcakes coated in chocolate sprinkles. I, for one, thought this dog soirée was the cat’s meow.

inkka3 inkka4Inkka6 inkka5


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Cordially yours,


Parker Presley


Parker Presley is known in certain social circles as the preeminent expert in etiquette and invites you to contact him with even the most embarrassing question or tricky situation so that you, too, may be top dog in any setting. Please contact him at


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