Tickled Pink

Resized Tickled Pink blog pic
Photo by Van Buren Photography

Last year pink was named the “it” color by experts at Pantone. These announcements always strike me as funny; so pink is in…but when was it out? Pink has always been an iconic color, especially for girls of all ages. Who can forget Strawberry Shortcake-both the doll and the dessert? See, pink is good. “It’s like the lipstick our mothers worse…there’s a retro aspect that’s very popular,” says Tom Mirabile of Lifetime Brands, Inc. the company responsible for brands such as Cuisinart and Mikasa. The color reminds consumers of a simpler time that included sherbet, fresh flowers, and a 1950’s lifestyle complete with a manicured mother shaking a martini before father arrived home. Now, thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, we make our own cosmopolitan martinis and drink them ourselves. See, pink is good.

Incorporate this sweet color into your upcoming bridal brunch or wedding celebration by serving pink beverages such as that now infamous Cosmo, just by smashing in pink lemonade, or a simple champagne cocktail with a  raspberry garnish. Remember that lighting, florals, linens and dishware are the easiest way to make a big impact on a little budget; because turquoise is soooo last year and looking through rose-colored glasses-especially martini glasses-is peachy.


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