Allow Me To Introduce Myself


I recently witnessed a small gathering of mothers and children. I know what you are thinking, darlings, that the children misbehaved. Oh – so not the case! I was shocked that these smart, savvy, lovely women did not take the time or energy to introduce themselves to one another. Tsk tsk. They made themselves busy slicing apples and wiping little mouths but never once smiled and said, “Hello, I’m (insert name here)” to one another. I must say, the canine breed seems to do a better job at introductions than the human race! At least we acknowledge our fellow puppy pals, even if we are from an unusual breed or a different dog house. Why would one take the time to join a gathering without actually joining?

Dears – please remember that everyone else is in the same boat. It can be daunting to walk into a room full of people you don’t know and start a conversation but I promise you that the person on the receiving end will be so grateful that you opened the door to a conversation and, who knows, a friendship! After all, life is too short to stand around and wipe little faces. Here are a few simple tips for making a connection:

Step one:

“Hi, I’m (insert name here)” with a smile and, if appropriate, a handshake. This works in EVERY situation – weddings, holiday parties, business meetings, traffic stops, etc.

Step two:

A relative comment or question such as:

“How do you know the bride and groom” or

“What’s your favorite holiday tradition” or

“Your gun is so shiny, officer!”

Step three:

Get them talking. If your co-conversationalist answers with basically anything, you’ve got a back-and-forth at the ready. For example:

“I was previously married to the bride” could lead to “She’s not that

pretty anyway so you were smart to move on” or

“My favorite holiday tradition is PBR in a can” could lead to “I’ve heard beer is a great furniture polish”

Wherever you find yourself, know that there is a kindred spirit in the room and it is YOUR job to make the first move. When it comes to introductions, be the alpha dog.

Cordially yours,

Parker Presley on Customer Service

Parker Presley

Parker Presley on Customer Service

Parker Presley is known in certain social circles as the preeminent expert in etiquette and invites you to contact him with even the most embarrassing question or tricky situation so that you, too, may be top dog in any setting. Please contact him at


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