Orange You Glad You Know?


(Source: Tutto Bella Blog)

A new year brings resolutions, diet plans, closet cleaning and lots and lots and lots of diamond rings.  I couldn’t even concentrate at a recent dentist appointment (honestly, a blessing, right?) because I was so enthralled by the sparkly little number on the dental hygienist’s third finger. And because thinking about weddings is much more fun than thinking about teeth, I couldn’t help but tell her the hottest color trend for weddings is an exuberant shade of….orange.

Yes.  Orange.  Sure it is the color of traffic cones, juice, and football jerseys; but Stella McCarthy’s tangerine-toned clutch and Jimmy Choos’ equally high-voltage sandals do scream happy and adding a great color to an event – whether it be a wedding or a meeting or a small but chic luncheon – can make even the dullest guest seem a little less dull . . .

Runway trends typically find their way into the party world and this is one trend that you can pull off without a lot of energy, or a lot of bank withdrawals. For the wedding party, a beautiful reddish orange sash brings out the elegance of a sleek gray dress.  Brightly-colored centerpieces pop against white tablecloths and orange flowers make any bouquet sing.  Want to go even more literal?  Use those darling Little Cuties (mini seedless oranges) to display menus, placecards or even special photos. They are small, seasonal (translation: inexpensive) and an elegant but simple table topper. Use a wooden skewer to secure whatever you wish to display and voila – you have an elegant event with an extra boost of some real vitamin C. Now, orange you glad you know?



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