Rage Against the Machine

I found my cell phone swimming in a cup of water. I think it was suicide. After my initial, um, “surprise” is probably the nicest word I can use here; my heart sank just like my handy-dandy-not-fancy-but-functional phone because I knew I was going to spend the next three hours and the next three hundred dollars dealing with one of my least favorite things: technology.

Enter Alyn. Just so you know his real name is Alan but he swapped out one letter for another because he likes to be “different”. How’s that for creative? When I showed him my waterlogged phone, he smirked. When I told him I didn’t want anything over the top, he rolled his eyes. When he asked and I answered that yes, in fact, my title is Marketing Director, he finally laughed out loud. I believe his exact words were “You can’t, like, be a Marketing Director and, like, not have an iPhone.”

I know, I know – my dirty little secret is that I don’t love all parts of technology. That’s why I have my trusty sidekick Tara who does, in fact, get excited about apps, tweets, blogs and those weird scanner codes. I am one side of the marketing brain and she is the other. I like my side better.

But now after those aforementioned three hours and three hundred dollars, I am the proud owner of an iPhone. It will be a great tool for me and my role at Epicurean – managing on-site blogging, posting shots of our gorgeous food and telling the staff our happy hour locations, so I am on board – sort of. I will say that seeing all those 20-somethings behind the counter bent over a phone made me a touch sad. They kept telling me how much fun the phone was and how I was going to love it. Hmmm. I can’t help but wonder if these fresh faced people had ever actually asked – verbally I mean – someone out on a date? Or sat in a restaurant alone for five or ten minutes without the crutch of a phone to keep them company? Or if they know what it feels like to sit up straight and look ahead instead of down at their laps?

Technology is a tool, not friend or – in my case – foe. It can’t replace human contact and it shouldn’t replace human contact. Sometimes you still have to have a conversation, open your eyes to the world around you and stand up to get a better view. As we near the holiday season, remember that interacting with friends, family and clients doesn’t mean sitting in the same room watching YouTube. Technology is meant to make our lives easier, not emptier. Do you agree? Email me. Or text me. Or facebook us. Or tweet. Or talk amongst yourselves. We’d love to hear your thoughts on technology and how it helps or hinders you and your business and personal relationships. Until then, happy swimming.

– Ciao

Stephanie Blackford
Marketing Director, Epicurean Culinary Group


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