I Do Take Two


(Photograph by Jenni Maroney)

Those divorce analysts just love to share their data with the world and current stats say that approximately 50% of marriages will end in divorce.  Oh.  Sad.

But someone’s got to feed those second-time-around couples and their guests, no?  After almost 30 years in the business, we’ve seen our share of “encore” brides (yes, that’s the term floating around these days) walk down the aisle again.  And, well, again.  And, in one case, again and again and one more again.

Over the years the rules have changed – and for the better.  Gone are the teeny tiny celebrations with little fanfare, few gifts and a dull, pastel suit for the bride.  Today’s encore couples are celebrating the fact that they have found love the second …or fifth… time around.  Women are wearing veils, gowns with trains and bright, recently bleached smiles.  Couples are registering for gifts again, though many request donations to non-profit organizations (how many toasters does one couple really need?).  Children from previous relationships are being asked to play specific and special roles, even escorting their soon-to-be-married-again parents down the aisle.  Showers are welcomed, though typically happen on a smaller, more intimate scale.  And with age comes wisdom…and better wine.  Menus tend to be a bit more decadent than the first time; and we’ve had the pleasure of pouring some of the finest champagnes and passing the freshest sashimi at many a second wedding.

So the rule is there are no rules anymore – except one: true love is always in style, no matter when, where or how it happens.



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