… Speaking of Kids


Remember when the weekends were about reading the paper and figuring out who had the best deck for happy hour? For parents, weekends include a chaotic cycle of soccer, swimming, spit-up and the dreaded birthday party. Handstand Kids Cookbooks are the PERFECT present for kids of all ages. These adorable cookbook kits are packaged to please – the Italian kit (my fave) comes in a pizza box complete with a pizza cutter, the Chinese with a take-out box and mixing spoon. Previously the cookbooks could only be found on-line until the head honchos at Bed Bath & Beyond stores got a peek and raced to get them on the shelves. Voila – an ideal gift at a do-able price point at a store right in the neighborhood– and they’ll even gift wrap it for you!

Convinced that with a little trial and more than a few errors, all kids can become savvy chefs, Yvette Garfield created The Handstand Kids international cookbook kits. Follow Felix, Izzy, Ari, Gabby and Marvin as they learn about the recipes, culture and language of a new country. This diverse bunch of characters brings the recipes to life. Felix is a vegetarian, Izzy is a picky eater and loves to cook for his diabetic sister, Ari uses her cooking skills to volunteer at kid’s charities, Gabby is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English, and Marvin is an aspiring chef. Each cookbook features ingredients and utensils translated in to the country’s primary language, and these translated words are used in the recipes to help kids learn the language as they cook.

For more information, visit handstandkids.com and/or bedbathandbeyond.com

– Ciao

Stephanie Blackford
Marketing Director, Epicurean Culinary Group


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