Stealing Style


President Nixon’s “I am not a thief” comment remains the most infamous quote of the 1970s, but the decade offered so much more than Tricky Dick. In fact, the 70s are cool again and even the wedding industry is getting in on the action.

While bell bottoms may not be the choice when wedding bells ring, there are a few other hot trends that may add some bliss to the big day. Vintage-looking pieces including maxi dresses and flowered frocks are showing up on wedding attendants and guests across the country – though highlighting a beautiful neckline is really always in vogue. We’ve even seen a few brave souls go for the jumpsuit look and– dare we say – crochet is making a comeback.

Sleek and sexy or simple and sweet are a must when attempting this hot trend. Pair funky wooden wedge sandals and a crocheted mini dress for an outdoor rehearsal dinner or dress your attendants in a flowing halter dress that both flatters and fits the vibe of a low-key, high-style celebration. By re-interpreting this trend and stealing only the pieces that add a bit of glamour rather than gasps, friends will be talking about your style long after you remember the name of your first (and hopefully only) pet rock.



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