Too Good to Be True

Maybe Rome WAS built in a day?

Let me just start by saying that I recently had my fourth (yes, you read that right) baby so I may be just a teeny tiny bit, um, overtired. Exhaustion can lead to confusion, which can lead to desperation, which led me to not only believe but actually INVITE a stranger to my house. Yep. Answered the phone, listened to some crazy sales pitch about no-obligation-amazing-gifts and then basically told a complete stranger where I lived so that he or she could swing by to murder me and my entire family before tearing through the house to hand-select the electronics, jewelry and designer dresses that used to fit me one short, glorious year ago.

Was it the possibility of adult conversation or the fact that some fast-talking woman on the phone promised me an all-expense paid trip, a “stunning” television set or some other prize that I couldn’t quite understand because of the thick accent (she said she was located in Utah but I am guessing no – unless Utah is now a suburb of India?)?

The saddest part of this whole scenario? The telemarketer no-showed. That’s right, folks – I was stood up by a phony and I actually had a touch of junior high hurt feelings before my mother, in town for a visit, started laughing so hard she couldn’t stand. It broke me out of my fog, thank God, and I realized that the things that sound to good to be true are actually, well, too good to be true. And while we all know this on some cellular level, sometimes we need something or somebody to remind us.

We live in the world of fast these days. Fast talkers, fast fixes, fast everything. But slow down and take a moment to remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Trust your instincts and go with partners and suppliers who you know and trust. You wouldn’t believe how many people have called Epicurean after another caterer failed to arrive. The prospect of 150 people and no food or – horrors – no alcohol can cause quite a bit of panic – not to mention some seriously nasty language! Use your head and listen to that little voice that starts whispering, then screaming, that you should hang up before you are hung out to dry.

Do you think my prize was going to be a trip to Rome? Guess we’ll never know…

– Ciao
Stephanie Blackford
Marketing Director, Epicurean Culinary Group


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