Say Anything | Effective Voicemail for the Message Impaired

Texting and facebooking and emailing leave me nostalgic for the past when one simply donned a smile, buckled into the latest leash and yipped a cordial greeting to friends and colleagues whilst walking along the lane. But even PP understands that times have changed. In my day, the art of conversation was practiced and perfected; now I am hearing from the younger puppies that leaving messages can cause even the most confident canine a hiccup now and again.

In order to do anything well – whether one is competing in the Westminster Dog Show (I’ve been asked more times than I care to count but prior commitments prevent it) or leaving a voicemail message – preparation is key.

Be Prepared: List, on paper, the key points assuring both you and the recipient that the information you are sharing is clear and concise. Should you get flustered, simply hang up and ring again when you have gathered both your wits and your thoughts.

Be Nice, Be Clear, Be Quick: First impressions are always important, even in the world of faceless communication. So start out with a polite greeting, explain why you are calling and leave details as to how you may be reached. Here’s a recent example:

“Cheerio, Parker Presley calling. Prince William’s lovely bride-to-be is in desperate need of a spray tan and you’ve come highly recommended by my friend and yours, Sir Elton John. I look forward to your return call by tomorrow morning as the wedding is mere days away. Please ring me at 020.555.5555 so that we may discuss the best ways to make our future queen glow! Again, Parker Presley at 020.555.5555. Adieu for now.”

Needless to say, that call was promptly and, might I add, discreetly returned. Remember, darlings, you can say just about anything if you say it with style.

Cordially yours,

Parker Presley on Customer Service

Parker Presley

Parker Presley on Customer Service

Parker Presley is known in certain social circles as the preeminent expert in etiquette and invites you to contact him with even the most embarrassing question or tricky situation so that you, too, may be top dog in any setting. Please contact him at

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