Tea Time


It is no secret that the British are disappointed, disheartened and perhaps even a bit disgusted by what we lowly Americans call making tea. Apparently shoving a mug of tap water into the microwave and then dunking a bag of tea is considered a no-no. There is, in fact, a right and wrong way to brew tea. The folks on the other side of the pond feel we are doing it – well – the wrong way. So before you secure your spot in front of the telly (I couldn’t resist) to witness the Disney-esque fantasy of commoner Kate Middleton marry her dapper prince, practice the art of making and enjoying tea.

Brewing tea

  • Bring water to a rolling boil and allow water to boil for a total of five minutes
  • Pour a small amount of the boiled water in to the teapot to warm the pot before brewing
  • Put two teabags or loose tea into the pot and then add the boiling water
  • Use two four-gram teabags to a liter of water, or one teaspoon of loose tea per cup
  • Allow tea to brew no longer than five minutes to avoid bitterness
  • Remove the teabags and give the tea a stir to ensure a consistent taste throughout

– Cheerio
Stephanie Blackford
Marketing Director, Epicurean Culinary Group


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