Define “Good”

larry and julia

I once worked with a woman who was touted as a fabulous chef. When it came to potlucks in the office, Susan G’s creations (I won’t name names but you know who you are and why I love you) were always the first to go. I’d like to say that the reason her dishes were so delightful is because they were made with love – but the truth is they were made with butter – and loads of it. They were FANTASTIC.

Eric Felten of The Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled A War on Good Taste dissecting the fight between the so-called healthy cookbook authors and those writers who unabashedly use butter, sugar, cream, and salt in their recipes. As New Year resolutions ring out the experts with an eye on overweight, unhealthy Americans are appalled; but many of the nation’s celebrated foodies are, well, celebrating. As Felten points out, Julia Child, the poster girl for decadent dishes, died at 91, her fingers probably still glistening from a block churned butter.

So what’s the answer? It’s moderation, of course. As a 30 year-old catering company, Epicurean has been asked to concoct everything from vegan plates to dishes dancing in béarnaise sauce. We’ve seen the pendulum swing from the overflowing buffets of the 80’s, the spa trend of the 90’s and the organic, responsibly-farmed foods of the 2000’s.

There is a time a place for everything. A fundraiser luncheon lends itself to fresh greens, organic chicken and whole grain breads. A wedding demands cake with fondant. Your father’s 70th birthday begs for grilled steak and a really good red wine. Food is a gift to be enjoyed rather than a force to be feared, so eat, drink and be merry – with a bit of moderation – and taste what life has to offer.

– Ciao
Stephanie Blackford
Marketing Director, Epicurean Culinary Group


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