The “Small” Wedding


Years ago, children were meant to be seen, not heard . . . the good days, eh?  But times have changed and kids are taking center stage in the world.  Restaurants, attractions, on-line services, airlines and even workout facilities are now focusing on the four feet and under crowd.

Over the years, we’ve catered plenty of weddings that have included kids.  Of course we’ve done the standard macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers as requested, but lately the trend of including children in all facets of life has overflowed into the BIG day.  We’re guessing this is a mother-in-law’s way of encouraging the bride and groom to get focused on producing a grandchild (which can backfire horribly, trust us). Whatever the case may be, adding kids to the menu has become more popular than ever!

Whether you have a gaggle of children at a wedding, in your home, or sitting on a grounded flight at JFK International, one rule always applies: keep them busy.  Our new Epic Pies Pizza Oven did just the trick during a recent holiday wedding celebration.  Kids ranging from 5 – 13 were dressed in personalized take-home aprons and encouraged to build their own signature pizzas.  And because we’re dealing with – well – ‘different’ tastes – the toppings included everything from steamed broccoli to miniature marshmallows (guess what we had left over).

Crystal Oswald’s Valentine’s Day Reception at Mile High Station (see the full story under “Weddings” at included heart-shaped treats with chocolate paints and brushes for children to decorate themselves.

And nothing beats a milk-shake bar; there is just something so appealing about adding ice-cream, milk and caramel sauce into a martini shaker and giving it a whirl.  Tuck in a twirly straw and top the whole thing with loads of whipped cream and you’ve got a recipe for true everlasting love.


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