When you Wish…


We were delighted to serve over 50 seniors at our restaurant, Mangia Bevi Café, on January 13th. Our partnership with two-time Olympic skier, former NFL player and Colorado native Jeremy Bloom’s foundation, Wish of a Lifetime, was and is an amazing experience. As part of Epicurean Catering’s compassion division (link here), our executive managers and staff volunteered their time and energies to celebrate with this unique, appreciative and witty group! Guests dined on Pizza Bruschetta, North Beach Salad, Chicken Piccata, Garlic Bread and Creamy Cheesecake. With a live band playing and the fireplace crackling, it was a perfect, cozy evening that not only warmed the guests, but warmed our souls as well.


Stephanie Blackford
Marketing Director, Epicurean Culinary Group

Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of Lifetime was established in Spring 2008 in living honor of his grandmother, Donna Wheeler, under the belief that many seniors have one thing in their life that they have always wanted to experience but hadn’t had the chance. JBWOL wants to make those wishes come true – and honor the lives of our elders. One thing is clear – we, at Epicurean Catering, were honored to be a part of such a fun and fresh event. For more information on JBWOL, visit www.seniorwish.org


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